DebwatchR: Improve UI/UX of an application open to everyone

Goal: Maximize communication of the tool

Client: Observateur Français des Conjonctures Économiques (OFCE)

As part of the public launch of an R Shiny application, DATA CHAMP’ was called on to improve aesthetics, optimize user experience and develop new features.

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ERC Lynx: Act on the risk of collision with vehicles

Goal: Deploying an application with long calculations

Client: French Office of Biodiversity

The ERC Lynx application allows to perform computationally expensive simulations (50+ hours on a laptop). The OFB called DATA CHAMP' to deploy the application on a server and find a solution to allow users to retrieve their results easily.

Mentoring on AWS

Goal: Mentoring collaborators on deploying Shiny apps on AWS

Client: JG Research

The client needed help to deploy several Shiny applications on AWS in a secure, scalable and HIPAA compliant way. DATA CHAMP’ mentored the team over a few months to create an AWS architecture and make the team autonomous on the subject.

Front-end development with Shiny

Goal: Making a Shiny application attractive for a start-up

Client: Ochre-Bio

Aesthetic improvement and development of a user interface to explore the genetic database created by the client. Support and management of the AWS account to secure and industrialize the architecture, while controlling the cost.

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